Tannus Aither 1.0 Thoroki Single Bike Tire 26 x 1 3/8 (35-590)

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The Tannus Aither 1.0 Thoroki tire is the older model before the Aither 1.1  was created. Very similar in style and feel, these are the remainder of an old order and supplies are very limited.  This dense lightweight foam tire is perfect for hassle free riding!  This tire will fit many older mountain bikes with narrow rims.  The tire comes with three sets of different size locking pins and a stick tool for installation.  The optional P-Tool (Installation Pliers) sold separately will make the installation easier, but is not necessary.  This tire is compatible with standard clincher rims with an inner rim width of 18-20mm.

If you do not want to install the tire yourself, we offer installation at our store, and also sell wheel sets with Tannus tires pre-installed.

Please see our videos on how to install Tannus tires and to measure to ensure proper fit.

This is one single tire, not a set.

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Aither 1.0 Colors

Aqua, Lemon, Pink Lady, Melon, Mashmallow, Volcano, Indigo, Carrot, Iris, Dark Knight, Rosemary


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