Brompton Folding Bicycle S10L Black


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Handlebar: S Type
Gears: 10 Speed CycleToGo Upgrade
Version: L- Mudguards No Rack
Frame Material: Steel
Main Frame Finish: Black
Extremities Finish: Black
Saddle Height: Standard
Saddle: Brompton
Suspension: Firm
Tires: Brompton
Lighting: Reflectors Only
Front Luggage: Block
Transporting: Standard Wheels

This is a Brompton bicycle that has been custom upgrade by the experienced technicians at CycleToGo to make this a 10 speed bicycle. The internal is a 5 speed Sturmey Archer with the 2 speed external derailleur, on a standard Brompton frame. This Ten speed upgrade can not be purchased from Brompton, this can only be found at custom shops like the one here at CycleToGo.


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