Yuba Cargo Bikes

Yuba makes a wide variety of cargo bikes to carry just about anything you need to transport.  Whether you want to bring the family on a bike ride, or carry 400 lbs of groceries back from the store there is a cargo bike to fit your needs.  From the compact Boda Boda, to the Full size Mundo, or even the electric assist Spicy Curry there is a bike to make anyone smile.  All Yuba bikes have a lifetime warranty.

Boda Boda compact cargo bike.  It’s a cargo bike designed for everyday transportation, anywhere you see fit—really, it’ll fit most anywhere: transit racks, the elevator, your car, the subway, your 4th-floor walk-up… Trust us, this is impressive.  Starting at $999

Boda Boda Electric Cargo Bike.  An electric version of the Boda Boda with a Bionx electric kit.  Your pedal power plus a motor, just imagine what’s possible: flatten hills, shorten travel time, and skip the shower upon arrival. Add a couple of a kids and a cargo load to your elBoda Boda, tackle a hill, and watch the passers byers stare in awe as you blaze past (this contributes to the fun mentioned above). You have control over the motor. Increase and decrease electric-assistance as you wish.

El Mundo cargo bike.  The Yuba El Mundo cargo bike has always been pretty killer. It fits nearly the whole family onboard–at least two kids and one adult, and maybe more if everyone is behaving. It’s solid. We mean near-bulletproof solid. The thing rides like it’s on a cushion of air. And it’s got all the bells and whistles component-wise, which, for the rest of us, just means it works perfectly, and keeps working perfectly for years to come.  Starting at $999

El Mundo Electric Cargo Bike.  The electric assist Yuba elMundo a BionX electric motor and battery system with regenerative technology. Squeeze your bike’s brakes and know that your battery is loving the recharge. The system has a three-year warranty, as well as the excellent service provided by BionX itself. With this package, you’ll know that you’ve made a sound investment in an electric assist system that’s just as reliable and solid as the bike it sits on.

Spicy Curry electric cargo bike.  The Spicy Curry is on fire. It’s got a ton of torque. Don’t know what that means? Here’s what: you’ll get ahead of traffic when you make the jump off the stop light, and you’ll race up that last hill home, even if you’re tired from a long day and loaded down with kiddos and groceries.
The software on Spicy Curry is smarter than ever—it feel like it’s reading your mind. Press the pedals and you’re soon racing ahead of traffic. Touch the brakes and you drop that speed in no time. Twenty miles per hour with a full load has never felt so natural.  Starting at $4200