Tern 26″ Wheel Folding Bikes

Tern makes some great 26 inch wheel bikes for the rider who wants the look of a full size bike with the convenience of being able to fold it up for transport or storage.

Tern Joe D24 Skinny tires are for going fast on smooth, well-paved roads. The roads you ride? Not so much; and that’s why we use burly Big Apple tires with puncture protection. Paired with strong wheels and a stiff frame, you have the ideal townie. But you also have the freedom to jump on a bus or train with a five-second fold. $700

Tern Joe P24. The urban landscape of potholes, rail crossings, drainage gates and curbs isn’t kind to skinny tires and flexy frames. Day-in, day-out transportation needs to be robust, burly and just a bit nasty to stand up to the abuse. The Joe P24 is all that but its still civilized enough to fold quickly and hide in a closet when company is over. $900