Brompton Folding Bikes

Brompton folding bikes are the ultimate bicycles for commuting, traveling, or anyone who needs a versatile bike that is easy to transport, fun to ride, and easy to store. The Brompton utilizes a unique tri fold design that gives it the smallest folded package with the largest expanded wheel base of any folding bike on the market. All Brompton bicycles are handmade and custom built in the UK. It is one of the best quality and easiest folding bikes available on the market. Purchase one of the bikes that we designed and had built, or design your own!  Pick the colors, handlebar style, speeds, seat, rack, luggage, the combinations are endless.


This is an example of a Brompton folding bike  shown in both the open and folded positions.  This one has the M style handlebar and the rear rack.


Handlebar Options

The first and most important choice to make when designing your Brompton is picking the handlebar type.  Different handlebars offer different riding positions.  See the options below.


S Bar – Gives the rider a sporty riding position similar to a road bike.
M Bar – The most popular handlebar style that gives the rider a comfortable upright riding position.
H Bar – For tall people or people who like an upright riding position.
P Bar – Allows the rider to change up their handlebar position between upright and sporty.

Number of Gears

Brompton offers different gearing options based on the type of riding you plan to do with your bike.  Each different gearing type can also have its range adjusted by selecting different front chain rings.  The standard gearing uses a 50 Tooth chain ring, Reduced gearing uses a 44 Tooth chain ring, or you can go big with a 54 Tooth chain ring.

1 Speed – Lightweight and great for riding on flat terrain.

2 Speed – Lightweight and gives you some gearing change by adding the Brompton chain pusher that moves the chain similar to a derailleur.

3 Speed – The three speed uses an internally geared hub for shifting.  It adds a bit of weight to the bike, but has the advantage of being able to be shifted when the bike is at a dead stop

6 Speed – A combination of the 2 and 3 speed to give you the widest gearing available from Brompton.

Racks and Fenders

Bromptons are available without fenders or a rack (E-Type), with fenders (L Type), or with fenders and a rack (R Type).

This is the R – Type that has a rear rack and fenders.  The Rear rack gives the bike a solid platform that makes it more stable when you are wheeling it around.

Brompton Color Options

Brompton bikes are available in a wide variety of colors.  You can make your bike a single color, or make it two tone.  Premium finishes are also available like Raw Lacquer and Stardust black.

Brompton Models

A Brompton model number consists of its bar type, number of speeds, and whether or not it has a fenders or a rack.  For example, a H6R Brompton bike would be have an H type handlebar, 6 speeds, with a rack and fenders.

Test Rides

If you are interested in test riding a Brompton, feel free to stop by our store and check one out. We have a large variety of models in stock. You can also join us on a weekend group ride if you’d like to try out a folding bike on a longer ride. Visit our Group Rides page for more information.

Build Your Brompton

Brompton folding bikes can be configured for riders of all sizes. Whether you are short or tall, you can design a Brompton that will fit you for a comfortable ride. They have a wide variety of colors, accessories, and part combinations to adapt to all types of riding styles. Put together your favorite combination with the: Brompton Bike Builder

Brompton Bike Videos

Click here to see our videos about the Brompton Folding Bicycles

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