Tannus FAQ

How do I figure out which size Tannus tire will fit my bike?
The width of your rim is one of the main factors in picking the correct Tannus tire size that will work with your bike. Check out our Fit & Installation page for more info. You can also give us a call or send us an email through our Contact page if you have additional questions.

How long do Tannus tires last?
When properly installed and cared for, a set of Tannus tires is guaranteed to last for 5000 miles. They are very durable tires with a long life.

Are Tannus tires difficult to install?
Tannus tires can be frustrating to install until you get the technique down for installing the pins. Just like with standard tires, some rims are easier than others for installing a tire. If you have an extra narrow rim, you might want to buy the P-Tool in addition to the included stick tool which can make installing the tires a lot easier. If you are reasonably mechanically inclined you should have no trouble installing the tires. We can also install the tires for you if you send us your rims. We charge $15/wheel plus return shipping. If you live in Tucson or will be visiting, just stop by with your bike and or wheels.

Are Tannus bike tires heavier than standard bike tires?
Tannus tires are generally lighter weight than a standard tire tube combination.

What is the difference between Aither 1.0 and Aither 1.1?
Aither 1.1 is the new revised foam compound used for making Tannus tires. Starting in 2015 Tannus started producing tires using the new Aither 1.1 compound. The new compound is 15% more efficient than the previous Aither 1.0 compound. The new tires are also currently being produced in a single density that offers a softer ride yet is still more efficient than the old Aither H1 (Hard) compound.

Can I use Tannus tires on my trainer?
The Tannus tires are not suited for use with metal rollers. The Aither compound does not have the same grip on bare metal that they do on pavement. If you use a trainer with coated rollers (not bare metal) it will work, but most trainers on the market are bare metal.

Do you have Tannus tires to fit a mountain bike?
Tannus tires are not designed for heavy off road use.  They can be used on gravel and dirt roads, but are more of a commuting tire.  The Tannus Razor Blade tire works well on 26″ wheel mountain and hybrid bikes, and the Tannus Shield Tires in the 700 x 32c and 700 x 40c can be used on 29″ wheel mountain bikes.  Be sure to check your inner rim width for compatibility!

My road bike has 17mm wide rims, is there a Tannus tire that will work?
Rims that are 17mm wide are slightly larger than the recommended width for the 700 x 28c road /hybrid tires.  We have installed the 700 x 28c tires on 17mm wide rims using the 20.5mm pins (sold separately).  This will generally work, but sometimes you will get a clicking sound from the wheel.  If you rim is wider than 17mm you will need narrower rims if you want to run a 700x28c or narrower tire.  We have some wheelsets on our website that are compatible.  Look under the Shop tab on our website.

How much are Tannus tires?

Tannus tires range in price from $50-$70 / tire depending on size.  They can be purchased under the Shop tab on our website www.cycletogo/shop.