Tannus Aither 1.1 Solid Foam Bike Tires

Tannus_AitherTannus bike tires are a solid foam bike tire made from a state of the art Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin called Aither. Aither is a patented lightweight foam that looks similar to the material used in many lightweight sports shoes, but uses a special foaming technology that produces a very durable long lasting foam suitable for use as a bike tire.

In 2015 Tannus released their new Aither 1.1 compound. It is lighter weight, and 15% more efficient than the previous Aither compound. In addition to being more efficient, the new compound also offers a softer, smoother ride. Aither 1.1 represents a revolution in solid tire technology by creating a lightweight tire that has a similar performance to a pneumatic tire, without the drawbacks of a tube.


Tannus tires are pretty much the most reliable out there. Leave your patch kit and tire levers at home, and hit the road to work or to play.


Aither 1.1 is engineered to achieve shock absorption and ride efficiency.


In practically all cases, the weight of a Tannus tire in the rim is less than a typical tube, tire, rim tape combination.


Tannus tires have been certified through an independent testing provider. The tires achieve incredible durability and ride quality, and stay securely in place on your rim through the patented Locking Pin System.


Locking Pin System

A Tannus tire locks on to your existing bike rim using a patented Locking Pin System. Each tire comes with different sizes of locking pins to mount the tire to your rim. You simply select the pins that match your rim width, and the tire will lock solidly onto your rim. Whether you are looking for a good training tire for your next road race or triathlon, or simply want a reliable tire for your daily commute, you cannot go wrong with a Tannus tire. Install Tannus tires on your bike and you can ride through all types of road debris with impunity!