Brompton Toolkit



The Toolkit includes:

-15 mm socket wrench for axle nuts
-Ratchet handle for hex tools (reversible)
-Phillips and flat head screw drivers
-2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm Allen wrenches
-Two 8mm wrenches, one 10 mm wrench
-2 tire levers
-1 glueless patch and sandpaper piece

Extra features:

-Fits inside bike frame, never leave it behind!
-Rubber blocks and magnets silence any vibration while riding
-All tools snap firmly in place for safe keeping.
-Tool case doubles as comfort handle for 15 mm wrench.
-Tire levers held together magnetically.
-Drivers snap into ratchet handle magnetically.
-Always be prepared!


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